Services Blow Up

Field Verification


At Felicity, we have capacity to deploy 50 Field Executives in each City at any given point of time to conduct Field and Contact point verification at the minimum possible Turnaround Times. The process involves personal meeting with the loan Customer, confirming his residence address, Examining his standard of living and general reputation in his area & Evaluating his contact access in the eventuality of default. We also provide facility to our Clients to customize the Verification details according to their requirements.

Employment Records Verification


Our Assessment team is specialised in conducting an Exhaustive verification of Loan applicant's Credentials of their Employment records, their Work history, details of their Previous jobs and reputation in the company. We cross check dates of various Employments, Department, Job title, Full-time or Part time work status, Salary verification. We provide Comprehensive Information to our Clients to measure any Inconsistency in data for assessment of Loan viability.

Credit Verification For Business Loans And Loans To Self Employed


We conduct Credit Verification of Unsecured and Secured Businesses for our clients. We conduct verification of Business establishment papers such as Shop establishment licenses, Certificates from GST Authorities. We also provide thorough Verification of applicants Bank Statements and its Analysis, Company profile, number of Employees, Address and web verification, Accounts and Financial Analysis. 

Bank Statement Verification Services


At Felicity, we trace and verify originality of Bank Statements through Direct interaction with the respective Banks. This service provides lenders the Ability to verify a borrower's identity, account number and outstanding balances. We also offer Credit comments through prima-facie review of the Transactions in the Bank account.

Income Tax Returns Verification


Felicity assists in providing verification of Loan Applicant's Income Tax returns filed, Status of assessments, Refunds due and Pending litigations and demands with the Tax authorities.

Personal Discussion With Loan Applicants


We carry out personal discussions with loan applicants to evaluate their Credit Capacity and willingness to repay.  Felicity has experienced Bankers on-board, who are specialised in personal discussions for Evaluation of Loan Applicants. 

Legal Opinion And Title Search


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

End-to-End Loans File Processing


Our Credit processing team provides a complete End-to-end file processing from sales agents. From logging in, evaluation, Telephonic Verifications, Initiation of Field verification, Legal check and Documentation, Valuation for mortgage loans till final disbursal activities, we provide the complete Array of Accessory activities, to ensure smooth Credit processing for our clients.

Post-Disbursement Audit Trails


This service includes review of the Complete flow and Arrangement of all documents relating to Borrower identity, Credit and Financial snapshots. This review shall cover all aspects of documentation, controls and process-gaps. We shall also provide a monthly action-log to the client based on our findings. 

MOD Registration Services


In many states the local statutes provide that for any loan against a property, original documents must be deposited with Lender Bank and Memorandum of Mortgage by deposit of Title Deed (MOD) registered at the local Sub-registrar office. This enables Banks to verify if the property has any further encumbrances. Felicity provides services to Financial Institutions in registering these documents and also cancelling them during the course of Loan settlement.

Contracted Manpower Sourcing And Staffing Solutions


 At Felicity, we have developed a Systematic approach to deliver Trained Quality Professionals to meet client's short-term and long-term Staffing needs. These personnel shall be retained in our payroll as shall be placed in Client locations.

Borrower Tracing In Google Maps


We assist the Clients in mapping the physical locations of borrowers in Google, their Credit history, their Loan payment schedules and Delinquency rates. This exercise enables Banks to perform Data Analysis,Target specific customers, Conduct customised Promotional Campaigns. This assists our Clients in better conversion of Loan Applicants.